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      Based on 1262 reviews
      another puzzle to add

      great addition to my collection of iron maiden puzzles

      My view

      Good fun and excellent quality


      Loved this puzzle. Some were easy and some were hard. One I couldn’t work out at all and had to use the cheat, but even then it took me time to understand what it was saying. However I had already worked out the answer as it was the last one! Will be buying more.

      Better than expected

      Liked the image online but the real thing is much nicer, pieces fit well, great value of money.

      Disney puzzle

      Really great puzzle to do, enjoyed this one as has like a double boarder.


      Harder than I thought it would be but really enjoyable and I’m pleased with the outcome. Good quality pieces and the colours are accurate. I plan to glue and frame so fingers crossed.

      Fast shipping and item perfect! Been looking for this for a while and this was the cheapest option! Would recommend!

      Olga Suvorova

      Absolutely love the quality of these jigsaw puzzles and the picture is enough of a challenge with such a lovely outcome when it’s finished :)

      Lovely puzzle but larger than I expected

      It is a lovely puzzle but the measurements were confusing and it is larger than I can manage to do at the moment, so be aware that it is a lot larger than most 500 piece.


      A very good quality jigsaw with a lovely picture, I really enjoyed this one

      Best Price For a Great Puzzle

      This was my first ever Puzzle Academy purchase because it was cheaper here than anywhere else. And I wasn't disappointed. Fast dispatch and the perfect puzzle. I'm only just getting back into puzzling so this 2000 piece was ambitious for a new returner but I managed it. If you're hesitating - there isn't a single "all blue" background piece so they all have stars on or some sort of clue. Had to leave the border til last, but I managed to figure that with sorting for shape.

      Puzzle this size seems daunting but it wasn't too bad, with an initial sort for colours and pieces of people/animal. Also, the zodiac in the centre has a mauve background and the blue is a gradient, so that helped with it. In the end, I made the zodiac first, then built everything else round it, one constellation at a time. Left with the blue background and stars at the very end. So it may be one to approach with a strategy.

      I got this to help me learn the constellations and it helped with that, too. Good Ravensburger quality and hardly any false fits.

      My new favourite

      I’ve just started on the Circle of Colors collection and this one was a pleasure to do!

      Beautiful puzzle!

      Outstanding quality as always from Ravensburger, this was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

      Wild at Heart (2000 Pieces)

      Brilliant Disney puzzle

      I really enjoyed completing Disney Pixar Toy Store puzzle. Very colourful and featuring so many favourite characters. Good quality jigsaw.

      House on the Lake
      mrs m r kalman

      Sorry it can't review as haven't done it yet but looking forward very much to doing it

      Santa's villa

      Looks a very interesting puzzle

      Excellent puzzle

      Service was great puzzle arrived earlier than anticipated and was well packaged. Husband enjoyed the puzzle very much. Quality was excellent

      Excellent puzzle

      Really enjoyable puzzle, would recommend. Good price and quick delivery too. Really happy with my purchase.

      Fantastic puzzles. Excellent service and communication. Really good selection of puzzles.

      Beautiful jigsaw

      I love all the Disney Kinkade jigsaws - lovely pics superb quality pieces. Puzzle company’s prices were good for these

      More madness from the mastrr

      A great puzzle - not too challenging but featuring all the usual characters and quirks in a JVH puzzle.

      Wasgij Original 33: Calm on the Canal!

      Wrong puzzle

      Although the puzzle I received is great it is not the one I ordered hence only 4 stars