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      Introducing The Puzzle Academy Awards

      Earn Puzzle Points for cash back on future orders.

      Sign up to our reward scheme and whenever you make a purchase we'll reward you with 5 Puzzle Points for every £1 you spend.

      Share the Puzzle Love.

      Refer a friend and when they make a purchase we'll reward you with a £5 store credit. Plus we'll give your friend a £5 store credit too. Win win!

      Earn additional Puzzle Points for completing challenges.


      We've set up a range of challenges that will unlock and reward you with even more Puzzle Points.

      These challenges include purchasing specific puzzles, visiting pages in our store, writing reviews, making repeat orders and more.

      More activities will be added over time. Here's an idea of some of the challenges.

      By creating an account, you'll be able to see an explanation for how each challenge can be unlocked.

      You'll also be able to track your progress towards achieving each challenge.

      Accumulate Merit to increase your Academic ranking.


      As well as rewarding you with Puzzle Points we'll also reward you with Merit.

      Merit won't ever be spent or lost. It will keep growing as you make purchases and complete challenges. As your Merit accumulates you will unlock new Academic Rankings in the Puzzle Academy.

      Each Academic Ranking will improve your perks by increasing the value of the Puzzle Points earned in our store. So the more you spend the bigger discounts we will offer.

      Once you create an account you'll automatically be an Associate Puzzlist. You'll be able to watch your progress as you complete challenges.

      Can you make it all the way to become a Professor of Puzzle?